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Grammy Award Winning Dad and Musically Gifted Mom
Offer NEW Jazz Lullaby CD for Families
Frustrated by the lack of baby music that lulls a little one
to sleep and, at the same time, won't drive parents nuts,
Phil and Tiffany Davis have developed a "sleep-time solution"
that the whole family can enjoy. Classic Jazz Lullabies: Volume 1
debuts this week and was developed by Grammy award-winning Producer, Phil Davis, and his multi-talented wife, Tiffany Davis. The CD features traditional songs like "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" but while the words are familiar the upbeat tunes andrhythmic beats will forever change the melodies that have lived in our heads for generations. The birth of the project coincided with the birth of Phil and Tiffany's third child when Tiffany went shopping for new baby music. "I found myself asking, "Why isn't there any music that is jazz-based? Where is the variety?" "Tiffany recalls on one shopping trip at a popular baby store. "Then God said, "You do it. Make the music you are looking for you" Classic Jazz Lullabies: Volume 1 is a musical journey like none you have ever experienced. The concept behind Classic Jazz Lullabies is to introduce to the world a traditional lullaby with a jazz interpretation. The unique nature of jazz lends itself to a myriad of voices, colors and sounds. Applying the jazz tradition to lullabies allows the listener to blend the aforementioned elements to "paint their own pictures" while nurturing a spirit of comfort and relaxation. "We see this as something parents can incorporate into their bedtime routine or use it themselves as a relaxation tool while reminiscing about their childhood," say Phil Davis.

Phil Davis is an award winning producer, keyboardist,
songwriter and engineer whose credits include local,
regional, and national artists. Phil's mission has always
been to make quality music all of the time and to promote
the Atlanta Underground sound.